Patient Reviews

We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service of our dentistry in Forest Hills, New York. Read what our patients are saying about us below.

I have nothing but phenomenal things to say about Dr Beridze. He has been my dentist for over 12 years now. His team are fantastic, attentive to detail. They have text reminders which are the best. His office is immaculate and a great location. His dentistry skills are fantastic. From cleaning to reparative work and implants and crowns I have always had an excellent experience. I have also recommended him to several friends and colleagues. Kudos Dr Beridze, keep up the excellent work!

- Roger J.

Writing a review to give my personal opinion on one of the best dentist in the city.

After going from dentist to dentist and due to a change of jobs I found myself without insurance and shopping around to see where to get some slight tooth pain fixed. I stumbled on this office by chance and truthfully it was one best decision I could have made.

Doctor Beridze was a pleasure to deal with and saved me from further dental issues down the line by being proactive and extremely detailed, from explaining every procedure and showing me what work needed to be done to making sure I was comfortable. It's been 3 years and I still come in for my usual cleanings, I highly recommend taking your time visit their offices.

- Davidson A.

I've been a patient here since 2012 or maybe longer. He's an excellent dentist and has a very friendly staff. He is kind and have very good technique. The office is cozy and welcoming. The wait time is a minimum of 5 mins and at most 30 mins. There is availability in scheduling, which is great. There's street parking and accessible by subway/bus as well. Most importantly, he was great with my 5 year old. My son had a very positive experience with him for his first dental check up. My son and I will be coming to this office for many years to come.

- Marielle A.

Ive been living in Queens, NY for several years now and I've never found a dentist that was be able to solve my dental problems,until a friend referred me to Dr. Beridze in forest hills and let me tell you he is the best dentist ever !!, I am a person that is very nervous when it comes to needles and dentists but that wasn't a problem when I came to Dr. Beridze he makes you nervous free and makes you feel so relaxed he is also very gentle. Not only do I trust him very much but the work he does is phenomenal ! his office looks great and is very clean and his staff is very nice and caring, I now have a perfect smile thanks to him, i would recommend him to everyone ! he is THE best dentist ever !!

- Catherine P.

Before I left NY..
Dr.Beridze did an extensive
Implant procedure..
With opposition and in the face of difficulties...
Dr. Beridze was able to complete the work & I was able to leave on time..
The doctor is a fine man and has great hands..

- Sonja G.

He’s an excellent dentist, very kind and accomadating. The office is very accessible by public transportation and there are street parking. The staff is very friendly. Most importantly, he is great with my 5 year old. My son had the best experience for his first dental check up. I’ve been coming here since 2012 or longer and my son and I will continue to see Dr. Beridze for many years to come.

- Marielle T.

My highest recommendation for Dr. Revaz Beridze and his team at Forest Hills, NY. Thanking him and the friendly staff in that office for accommodating the needs and always taking good care of clients.

- Nassim D.

I've been coming here for a 10 year now.Dr Beridze and his staff were amazingly nice and professional.All of my appointments were served on time,answering any question you may have.

- Joe J.

Dr Bridze is a phenomenoal dentist. He has been my dentist for the past 20 years. I don't have a single doctor or a specialist to whom I've been going for nearly such a long period of time without switching to someone else and no one with whom I have developed such a close rapport. Not only is he an exceptional dentist with a flowless technique and decades of experience, but he is also an amazing human being. I can't recommend him strongly enough.

- Michael K.

Dr. Beridze has proven yet again how wonderful of a person he is. Unfortunately my husband suffered a work related accident where he broke a couple of teeth. There is a delay in the workers compensation insurance because the employer is disputing the incident. Dr Beridze is kind enough to postpone any charges until the insurance issue is settled, he also accommodated us with an affordable and comfortable payment plan if the insurance dispute isn't settled in our favor. He is also providing reports and documentation in an expedited manner to help us with the case. My husband is very fearful of dentist and says Dr Beridze is very gentle while working, he is very happy that I brought him to my dentist.

- Catherine P.

Dr. Beridze does a great job and is a very nice person. You're lucky if you get to meet him! The hygienists are all very nice too.

- Leah S.

Very personable, makes it a pleasure to sit in the chair, is on top of follow up so if I forget, reminds me of my next visit. Highly recommend.

- Jay B.

Excellent and one of the best dentist.
Kind, friendly, comprehensive
Staff in the office great

- Shy

Great dentist! I highly recommend.

- Alla T.

Great doctor, great staff

- Vladimir V.

Great Dentist!! Very gentle hands !!

- Alex S.